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AERGO Agora: AERGO Governance Network (DAO)

In this article we will cover our upcoming AERGO Governance Network — AERGO Agora. We touch base on frequently asked questions on our developments towards a DAO — The AERGO Steering committee, and our AERGO Agora Execution plan. Read on to find out more…

KuCoin Exchange Hack Update

Dear AERGO Community On September 26, 2020, a hacker breached the KuCoin exchange’s security systems…
Case Studies

Provincial Government

“The first among domestic provincial governments to adopt blockchain.”

“The first electronic voting project based on smart contracts.”

BLOCKO Launches in UAE

“BLOCKO, the South Korean enterprise blockchain provider backed by Samsung, has launched in the UAE after raising funding in Asia Pacific and Europe, the company said.”

Papers and books

“Blockchain Certification and Granular Editing Permissions in Document Management System”

“Blockchain for Decision Makers : A systematic guide to using blockchain for improving your business”