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Why Build on AERGO?

  • 1Easiest Dapp Development
    (Smart Contract)
  • 2Funding Opportunities
  • 3Dapp Launch Pad
  • Developer Friendly

    AERGO makes developer to code easier with Aergo SQL and provides an optimized smart contract engine with just-in-time compilation for lightning fast execution.Its multi-paradigm smart contract environment provides both the performance and flexibility required for building practical decentralized applications.

  • Highly Scalable

    AERGO is a highly scalable blockchain that ensures 10,000+ transactions per second at a minuscule cost of $0.001 per transaction and as a hybrid model aiming to scale public and private blockchains for projects of every size.

  • Enhanced Security

    AERGO with the private repository assures full access control, application security and performance, data compliance, as well as QoS all of which are necessary for both enterprise and dApp IT systems.

AERGO Funding Opportunities

AERGO will incorporate funding opportunities for developers on a global scale.
We want to learn about your projects!

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    Funding Program
    Submit your application

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  3. 3

    Get approved,
    and start building

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    Join support program
    and boost your project

Explore Open Funding

AERGO has created a comprehensive grant program that enables developers to acquire funding through the Aergo Foundation
to develop their revolutionary application on the AERGO blockchain.

  • Trading

    Derivatives / DEX aggregation
    / loans
    synthetic assets
    / Oracle / insurance

  • Web 3.0

    Data protocol
    / Technical service providers
    / Privacy protection

  • Application

    Blockchain browsers / Wallets
    NFT / GameFi / SoicalFi

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DApp Launch Pad

We guide projects to create and deploy a token with AERGO and assist blockchain based projects with fundrasing,
token distribution, and increased liquidity.

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