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Introduction to-
AERGO Enterprise

Unlock your business potential. Build the most practical and efficient platform for
businesses and developers to AERGO is decentralized applications and enterprise-IT solutions.

Powered by BLOCKO

AERGO's technology is based on COINSTACK (the blockchain solution incorporated by BLOCKO Inc), the technology partner of AERGO, has incorporated blockchain solutions for 25 million users within public and private enterprise alike.


BLOCKO, a premier South Korea-based enterprise blockchain solutions provider commits over 50 personnel to the built out of the AERGO platform.

Together, we plan to commercialize our technology through new large-scale implementations in IT systems as well as extensions to Blocko's existing in-production blockchain systems.

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Optimally designed
for Enterprise use

The most crucial factor, that an enterprise should consider in introducing blockchain is the continuity of its business.
The blockchain platform for enterprise use must be capable of fulfilling the requirements that are needed to be met in order of
the actual business and service to be performed.

AERGO Enterprise provides the blockchain platform that is optimally designed for enterprise use.
Much more than a basic framework, the blockchain platform provided by AERGO Enterprise proposes a proposes a system that takes
both business continuity, scalability, and into consideration and provides a stable operating environment.

  1. 1. Optimization of fast data processing
    • Consensus algorithm that fits the network environment
    • Ensured stability and completeness of transactions
  2. 2. System design convenience for constructing an efficient infrastructure
    • Consensus algorithm that fits the network environment
    • Ensured stability and completeness of transactions
    • SQL based smart contract development and data management
  3. 3. Security and stability at the level of enterprise compliance requirements
    • Set-up of node and transaction
    • Data encryption for privacy protection
  4. 4. Enterprise-level systemic operations / management tools
    • Web-based independent, integrative management GUI tools
    • Enhanced Admin functionality for install / config / operation control
  5. 5. Expandable business model
    • Anchoring that can be linked to a public blockchain
    • Provision of various domain applications for general purposes
    • Designing a token economy for enterprises with Merkle Bridge

Blockchain PoCs
say that
Technology is Immature

Unlike fabric, which slows down as the number of connected networks increases, AERGO Enterprise shows improved performance.
It also supports both public and private to meet the needs of enterprise customers.

We offer our self-developed codes through open-source.
Developers from database companies develop powerful management tools and core engines, with their accumulated experience.

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Fabric-based solutions AERGO Enterprise
Configuration Miultiple Components Single Solution
Ease of deployment Composer Refer to list of
tools offered
Deployment period Long-term Short-term

Depolyment & Operation

acquisition period
Long-term required
(Acquisition of all
individual skills
of each component)
3 weeks
of core technology)
Implementation requirements Long-term Short-term
Version management Not managed as
fragmented version
(No compatibility
between versions)
Can be managed
Technical support Paralysis of support Dependent
on the
operator's competence
Distribution by
DB personnel
in Korea(Core)


High-speed data processing Occurrence of perfomance
maximization constraints

Deployment Experience

Number of deployments Few Having multiple deployment cases

AERGO Enterprise Manager

AERGO Enterprise is a management tool that supports stable system operations through real-time blockchain
performance monitoring. Blockchain's own technology enables high-standard integrated monitoring and provides ease of
management for blockchain node operation and installation.

  1. 1. Install the blockchain node in one click

    AERGO Enterprise Manager is a blockchain management tool that lets you configure your network with just a click in less than 10 mins, without separately installing an agent.

  2. 2. Strengthens integrated administrator management

    According to each user, you can classify user-specific rights and limits, enabling integrated management that is subdivided based on services, specific chains, etc.

  3. 3. Easy management of projects and groups

    By creating and managing nodes by project and group, micro service is implemented, and the blockchain environment and management system optimized for consortium form is supported.

  4. 4. Real-time Blockchain Infrastructure Monitoring

    With real-time monitoring of blocks, detailed transaction information and system infrastructure, this integrated dashboard environment ensures operating service quality and provides analysis data for error prevention.

  5. 5. Provides alerts through multiple channels

    Depending on the cause and incident, the person-in-charge will be notified via email and Slack Messenger such that each specific situation can be managed promptly.

  6. 6. Increase the operational efficiency of current IT personnel

    AERGO Enterprise Manager allows for easy operation based on Korea's first Web UI. It enables one-stop blockchain management, increasing productivity by deploying and operating current IT personnel.

Business on AERGO


With a hybrid blockchain, you'll be able to deploy your application on a custom permissioned blockchain, integrated with
the AERGO main network. It's next future to anchor and bridge with a public blockchain for trust and immutability.

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