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AERGO, The Blockchain For Everyone.

What is possible
with AERGO

AERGO is an open-source hybrid blockchain smart contract platform for decentralized applications.

With AERGO, you can improve your business efficiency and create new opportunities for both public and private projects.

Easiest DApp Dev.

  • Smart Contract Language: Lua
  • Even kids can develop their Dapps

Hybrid Blockchain

  • Enterprise: Private to Public
  • DApp: Public to Private

Real Enterprise Grade

  • SQL Support
  • 50+ Enterprise Clients
  • 43 current use cases


Efficient & Fast

  • Block 1 sec, low tx fee


  • AERGO CO2 consumption:
    Near Net Zero

AERGO is the future of Blockchain

  • Developer-Friendly

    AERGO's technology supports developers to code smart contracts with LUA(SQL) and utilizes blockchain-friendly technologies to suit your needs.

  • Guaranteed Performance

    AERGO, with DPoS consensus, ensures 10,000+ transactions per second at a minimal cost of $0.001 per transaction. AERGO can suit the demands of various blockchain based product and services.

  • Scalable Architecture

    AERGO's smart contract platform has the ability to scale with secured and decentralized blockchain technology, being a credible alternative for DeFi, NFTs, gaming and other assets.

  • Open, Extensible, Secured Network

    AERGO is an open source network that is secure, utilizes public, and private blockchain cloud architecture for network users. By opening ecosystems for third parties, businesses can connect and engage with other projects.

Comparing to other Blockchain

Finality Time
Live Network
Tx Fee
7 Sec
$ 0.001
Please scroll left and right.

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left and right.

Finality Time
Live Network
Tx Fee
7 Sec
$ 0.001
Ethereum LogoEthereum Solana LogoSolana Avalanche LogoAvalanche
Solidity Rust Solidity
PoS PoS + PoH PoS
4,000 65,000 4,500
3 Min 0.4 Sec 1-5 Sec
7/2015 3/2020 9/2020
$ 21 $ 0.01 $ 0.3

with AERGO Lua

Let's BUIDL with AERGO Lua Image

Code in SQL & Lua

We're bringing proven technology like SQL to new paradigm technologies like blockchain to open the doors to new pools of developers. Lua is based on traditional, well understood, and easy to use SQL technology - will enable the mass market of developers and business users to benefit for blockchain.

Lua is one of the best languages for video game development, used for Roblox, World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Age of Conan and etc.

  • Best way to use blockchain
  • Deploy where you need
  • Easily integrated with existing system
  • Performant, stable, and scalable
  • Advanced and familiar toolchains
  • Run on serverless cloud
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