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How does it work?

Aergo uses a hybrid architecture so you can balance the need to maximize performance and control of your most important data while leveraging a highly secure and trusted distributed public blockchain network.

It also offers an easy-to-deploy architecture that can run on a serverless cloud, so you can focus on building your business applications, services, and ecosystems. No need to build complex IT infrastructure any longer.

Easy-to-use development and deployment frameworks allow developers of all levels to program and build solutions with minimal effort and complexity.

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Featured Solutions

Here are some ways customers currently use Aergo and how you can too for inspiration.

Identity Authentication

One of the largest credit card companies in South Korea used Aergo's core technology to streamline the payment process for users and to control their data when working with trusted third party security firms. They reduced their security expenditures by 90% and made payments 80% faster.

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Payment Settlement

A stock exchange in Korea used the technology behind Aergo to massively reduce the time it took to settle transactions on their OTC startup market from up to five days to just one to three days. In 2017, they saved 78M USD according to data analysis conducted by professor Kwon Hyuk-jun of Soonchunhyang University.

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Secure E-Voting

One of Korea's most populous provinces, the province of Gyeonggi-do, completed the selection of over 500 community projects through a voting app built on Aergo's core technology.

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Document Management

A Korean government agency used the technology behind Aergo to manage real estate documents in an automated and trusted way to collaborate on document verifications transparently, preventing fraudsters from forging documents and profiting over hundreds of millions annually.

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Internet of Things

One networking giant used Aergo’s core technology to enhance their efforts as they move into areas of edge computing and let them securely redirect resources towards specific IoT devices and connected cards.

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