Code in SQL & Lua

We're bringing proven technology like SQL to new paradigm
technologies like blockchain to open the doors to new pools of developers.

Best way to use
Deploy where
you need to
Easy integration
existing systems
Run on
serverless cloud
Advanced and familiar
Performant, stable,
and scalable

Build the perfect blockchain application, tailored precisely to your needs.

With a hybrid blockchain, you'll be able to deploy your application on a custom permissioned blockchain, integrated with the Aergo main network. You'll be able to anchor and bridge with a public blockchain for trust and immutability. It's a practical and pragmatic way to build your next big killer app.

Get started with the Hera SDK & Aergo toolkits
and join an ecosystem of developers building on Aergo

The Hera SDK allows you to build software applications in Python, Java, and JS simplistically. You can code your smart contracts in Lua and SQL, managing every step of the development and deployment journey using the Ship package manager.

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Open source. Built by developers, for developers.

We're fierce believers in open source. We're a team of open-source enterprise-IT veterans and skilled blockchain engineers looking to create something that can seriously impact industry sectors and create new kinds of global networks. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone in our community.