AERGO Network 2.0 — Improved configuration for block propagation

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The peer role of the AERGO Network 2.0 distinguishes its external network from the internal network. In this way, we can save network costs between nodes more effectively than through the traditional way

Internal Network

  • Block Producers (BP): The BP uploads blocks and broadcasts those blocks to other BPs and Agents within the same internal network.
  • Agents: The Agent is the BP’s representative and communicates with other nodes in the external network and broadcasts the block information to other BPs as soon as possible.

External Network

  • Watchers: The Watcher syncs and provides the API service.

The objective of Agents

Basically their role is to maximize time efficiency in block broadcasting. The Agents actively connect with other Agents and BPs in the open network after verifying their identities.

Agents will propagate the blocks produced by BPs to Agents and other BPs in a manner that focuses on speed and latency, and immediately sends new block notifications sent by those Agents and BPs to the representative BP. On the other hand, Agents propagate notifications to the Watcher in ways that make efficient use of the network.

Identity verification function

Each node confirms the qualification of a BP based on BP information and result of voting. Agents also confirm the qualification of Agents based on certification issued by BPs.

This function that is already applied to AERGO Network 1 enables verifying identity and qualification.

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