AERGO 2-way native token swap to ERC-20 is live

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We have officially launched our 2-way token swap for exchanging between AERGO native tokens to AERGO ERC-20. Be sure to read the following before starting your token swap.

A gentle reminder that:

5 steps for performing Native AERGO token swap to ERC-20:

Input the wallet you want to receive your AERGO ERC-20

This is your Mainnet deposit address to send your Mainnet tokens to for swapping

Paste your generated deposit address (make sure it starts with A and is NOT an ETH address)

Confirmation page — Double check your deposit address

Please take note of the following estimated time schedules for swapping AERGO Mainnet tokens to ERC-20

For other swaps

DPoS: Consensus on the AERGO Mainnet
Official Release: AERGO Mainnet 2.0