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Pikkle is the first blockchain-based voting and global viewer participation service application built on the AERGO platform. Without understanding blockchain technology, users can access voting as well as attendance results in real-time. Pikkle will be used by the Korean Broadcasters Association and developed by Blocko, AERGO’s technology partner.

What problems is Pikkle trying to resolve with the traditional voting system?

1. Cost inefficiency

2. Trust in voting result

Main Features:


With the Korean Broadcasters Associations, Pikkle aims to provide a reliable voting service for all users. Pikkle collects users’ views and help their decision-making process through an app service rather than the traditional text voting or spam-type cold calls. ‘Pikkle’ will solve the existing voting problems by storing key data of the voting process (identification of voters, validation of voting, voting results etc.) using blockchain technology.

Many polls and surveys are still conducted by classic methods such as texting or phone calls despite the current rate of mobile phone penetration. Pikkle encourages users to simply scan a QR code to participate in festivals and voting actions. In this manner, we believe it can be a more convenient and fun service.

This method has been attempted by many big tech platforms. However, due to public interest and platform dependency issues, it was previously difficult to be socially accepted. Using blockchain technology, Pikkle aims to prevent platforms or stakeholders from interfering in decision-making processes and to promote two way communication by introducing a fair voting system in many content based industries.

Event Participation:

In addition to participating in various cultural and artistic events, festivals and broadcasting programs, you can use Pikkle in ‘Metaverse’ events. Pikkle diversifies the participation experience by issuing NFT digital tickets built on the blockchain.

Mobile tickets with blockchain NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) applied can be used to prove the ownership in the offline world. It even provides features such as joining a queue and tickets for concerts in the virtual world.

Pikkle’s vision and roadmap:



Origins of Pikkle

Pikkle originates from the words ‘Pick’ and ‘People’.

Pikkle’s logo was designed using a round shape feature to emphasize friendliness for every user. Purple is the primary color of Pikkle as the color reflects credibility and creativity.

Pikkle’s symbol was inspired by ‘P’ from the word ‘Pikkle’ and the shape of a cell phone camera lens that is used to scan QR codes.

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