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Dear AERGO stakeholders,

We are happy to announce that AERGO has been listed on Bittrex International as of March 14, 2019. Deposits and trading have already begun. Bittrex International is one of the most user-friendly, intuitive, and liquid cryptocurrency exchanges and listing AERGO gives the AERGO network greater exposure to a wider, more global base of token holders and users — that can potentially help secure and validate our public ecosystem of blockchains democratically.

The listing of the AERGO token on Bittrex International is ideal. It should enable us to usher in a new age of enterprise adoption onto our platform, leveraging our excellent product and existing client base. As we are looking to create an ecosystem of blockchains built for enterprise and application providers underpinned by a novel permissionless-public blockchain, the AERGO Chain, expanding the potential token holder base of the AERGO token internationally is crucial.

In early Q2 2019, we plan to launch the AERGO mainnet. We will announce a specific date at a later time. Thereafter, we look to bring real clients, customers, and developers onto our platform. We’ll also be migrating existing clients onto our network so they can leverage its powerful characteristics for cost savings and efficiency increases.

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