AERGO Advisors- The Next Generation

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In the beginning, AERGO selected the best advisors from the financial, technical, and the crypto world. These advisors helped to launch the AERGO project and set the tone for future directions.

AERGO has made great strides in 2020 and the momentum is carrying into 2021. Now it is not about launching the platform, rather getting corporations and consumers to adopt the platform. There are a lot of projects that Blocko, closest partner, utilized AERGO to production in many of the large corporate customers, such as Hyundai, Shinhan Bank, Lotte Cards, and many more. We have consumer applications around NFT and credential certifications with CCCV and CRISPY WHALES.

Now is the time to recruit new advisors that will help AERGO penetrate the everyday services and companies. In the next few months we will select advisors who are experts and influencers in their own industry. We have a clear vision and reason for selecting our advisors, the collaboration with the advisors will bring meaningful outcomes to AERGO.

It is our pleasure to announce our latest advisor Dr. Min Sun Park. Dr. Park is the founder and the director of The Clean Clinic ( Dr. Park holds a PHD in Nephrology and specializes in internal medicine and Hemodialysis. New to blockchain, Dr. Park has been studying and sees a place for blockchain in the medical field. Her clinic caters to many patients daily and soon will be an administerer for Covid19 vaccines. Dr. Park is allowing AERGO to explore real applications and deploy proof of concepts right in her clinic. This is a huge step in using real data to create solutions on the AERGO platform. Dr. Park will advocate in the medical industry the use of blockchain and evangelize AERGO.

We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic advisor in the medical industry. Some may just discuss and theorize, but our new approach in selecting the next generation of advisors will allow AERGO to execute real life applications. Dr. Park is the first of many relevant advisors that will advance AERGO to the next level.

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