AERGO Agora is named after Agora, an open space that served as a meeting ground for various activities of the citizens in ancient Greek cities.

AERGO Agora is the new on-chain governance system that aims to be a business-minded DAO and decentralised decision-making framework.

AERGO token holders can participate and contribute in making governing decisions for the AERGO ecosystem through AERGO Agora. AERGO Agora will be accelerating AERGO to become a democratic, fully self-sustaining and open ecosystem.


AERGO is an open-source based architecture built for customers, developers, integrators, and cloud hosting providers looking to capitalize on the next enterprise-IT revolution.

Created by one of the most advanced blockchain and enterprise IT teams, AERGO is a full-stack fully-tested platform.

AERGO is looking to build a co-operative and truly value-adding ecosystem with like minded parties.

Technology Providers

Companies with technology that can extend the usefulness and reach of AERGO in all types of industries.


New or existing decentralized application teams that want to reach a broader audience on a platform already exposed to the market and scale their solutions.

Cloud Hosting Providers

Providers who would like to be either AERGO Chain Block Producers and/or want to host customer private blockchains.


Individuals who would like to join our ecosystem – trainers, consultants, industry bodies, bug-fixers – anybody who can help.