REPOST: BLOCKO initiates client migration program with launch of AERGO Enterprise

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BLOCKO, a leading blockchain infrastructure with operations in the South Korea, UK and Hong Kong, launches first-of-its-kind blockchain product that unlocks unprecedented levels of data integrity and data silos

BLOCKO founder and CEO, Won-Beom Kim (Photo: FintechTimesKorea)

Seoul — April 2019 — BLOCKO, the leading blockchain technology and enterprise IT-integration service, announces today that it is officially retiring its existing product offering, Coinstack, in favor of its new and improved flagship product, AERGO Enterprise.

AERGO Enterprise extends beyond a private blockchain infrastructure to a hybrid blockchain model that enables organizations to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, security, and value. AERGO Enterprise focuses on high performance, efficient consensus, and ease of development. It enables companies to address the complexity of blockchain implementation by providing the tools needed to make deployment easier.

The hybrid approach provided by AERGO Enterprise differs from existing blockchain products like Hyperledger, Corda, and Coinstack, which are completely private.

AERGO Enterprise provides a packaged solution for customers to build blockchain solutions, while utilizing the AERGO mainnet. The hybrid approach will allow customers to:

  • Open data silos: Exchanging assets such as information, tokenized goods, and supply chain registries between blockchains using Merkle Bridges will improve b2b collaborations, using the AERGO main network to settle transactions trustlessly.
  • Increase data integrity: Anchor data and transactions by recording hashes of independent blockchain data to the AERGO main network, an immutable public blockchain.

Features of AERGO Enterprise include:

  • Simplified administration: Familiar, easy-to-integrate, one-click provisioning of custom blockchains, as well as simplified cloud system orchestration.
  • Easy monitoring: Integrated with Hub Enterprise, AERGO Enterprise provides a dashboard, transaction and block history, as well as resources and asset monitoring for independent blockchains.
  • Usable development kits: SQL/PL-like programming and data handling, as well as an integrated development environment for smart contracts.
  • Integrated node management: Extended node management systems for more configurations and settings such as managing permissions and deleting data.
  • Pre-built applications: Fully-developed applications built on Coinstack that are in use by large-scale companies for Identity Authentication, Document Management, Smart Contracts, Payments, and IoT will now be offered on AERGO Enterprise.
  • Around-the-clock support: Providing the same expertise accumulated from working with large clients over the past four years.

Many of the companies BLOCKO has worked with to deploy blockchain solutions within South Korea will have the option to upgrade to AERGO Enterprise. To support this initiative, BLOCKO is now initiating Coinstack to AERGO Enterprise client migration program.

“We’ve been supporting AERGO Organization in the design and construction of the AERGO platform for a full year. After a long and intensive R&D process, we are excited to finally launch our largest product to date,” said Won-Beom Kim, founder and CEO of BLOCKO.

“Our existing customers will be able to complete the migration program with ease and switch to our hybrid, high-performance blockchain network setup to achieve greater levels of security and scalability, while expanding their use cases.”


BLOCKO is a commercial blockchain infrastructure provider offering organizations the ability to design, deploy, and manage digital services on a secure distributed network. Enterprise-IT integration and cloud deployment know-how are at the core of its value proposition. The company provides a stable and secure blockchain operating system and an easy-to-use development platform with stable APIs.

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