Why join the Aergo blockchain ecosystem?

When Linux and then cloud arrived, there were many doubters. When the market caught on, these technological shifts became dominated by large established IT vendors. But not this time.

Blockchain technology has the potential to be even more disruptive: which is why the Aergo was created. It’s an open-source based architecture built for customers, developers, integrators, and cloud hosting providers looking to seriously capitalize on the next enterprise-IT revolution.

Created by one of the most advanced blockchain and enterprise IT teams, it is a full-stack fully-tested platform. It not only supports partners; it embraces them.

Aergo is looking to build a co-operative and truly value-adding ecosystem with like minded parties. One built on customer centricity and fairness. For the long-term.


Companies with technology that can extend the usefulness and reach of Aergo in all types of industries.


New or existing decentralized application teams that want to reach a broader audience on a platform already exposed to the market and scale their solutions.

Cloud Hosting

Providers who would like to be either Aergo Chain Block Producers and/or want to host customer private blockchains.


Individuals who would like to join our ecosystem – trainers, consultants, industry bodies, bug-fixers – anybody who can help.

Learn More

We are developing advanced training materials, integration and business investment enablement programs for technology and hosting providers; as well as dApp incubation, migration and even early funding services. Join Aergo Blockchain World to find out more.