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AERGOscan is an explorer for the officially supported networks.
You can monitor blocks as they get produced and check transactions and accounts.

  • Mainnet AERGOscan
  • Testnet AERGOscan
  • Alpha AERGOscan

Voting Reward

With the AERGO 2.0 upgrade, certain parameters of the public mainnet are now subject to a DAO vote. Everyone who has a stake can participate in the voting process, making AERGO’s on-chain governance much more decentralize

AERGO Connect (Wallet)

AERGO Connect is the only wallet to manage AERGO native accounts.

  • Local encrypted private key storage: your credentials never leave your computer
  • Manage accounts on multiple AERGO blockchains
  • Send transactions: Both value transfers as well as contract calls, with special support for governance transactions
  • Export and Import of encrypted keystore files
  • DApp API: interact with enabled websites
  • (Experimental) Connect Ledger hardware wallet