Beyond performance, scalability, and flexibility, the platform culminates the usability and cloud services accessibility needs for many different kinds of stakeholders in practically applying the technology behind Aergo. The platform will go live on the Aergo World Launch, scheduled for Q1 2020.

The Aergo platform includes a set of solutions that allow users to focus on real value and results by eliminating the need for devops and providing maximum integrability with both existing systems and common practices in IT.

Aergo Hub

The Aergo Hub aims to be the web-based blockchain hosting service for managing separate independent private blockchains based on the Aergo Chain; conceptually very similar to current public cloud web services. It seeks to provide the necessary environment and supporting services to construct a user-specific blockchain network with arbitrary nodes. Services include Web Service, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Load Balancer, Resource DB and Name Service.

The Hub acts as a singular public interface for connecting blockchain application developers, node providers, and administrators to build use cases on Aergo. It seamlessly integrates with the Aergo Marketplace, Horde, and File System. As a serverless computing architecture that provides instant access to both hardware and software resources required for building blockchain applications based on the Aergo Chain, it allows developers and users to focus on their application itself and less on logistical and operational matters.

Much like an orchestration engine, the Aergo Hub provides an automated interface for simplifying sidechain and application deployment and provisioning.

Aergo Marketplace

The Aergo Marketplace enables developers to build applications using a serverless architecture on virtualized computing resources. It connects node providers looking to monetize on spare computation resources, storage resources, artificial intelligence algorithms, and more with application builders needing virtual assets in real-time.

The Aergo Marketplace is accessed by users through the Aergo Hub. Node providers supply resources on the Aergo Marketplace through the Aergo Horde.

Aergo Horde

The Aergo Horde is a core module of the Aergo Hub. It is the proposed monitoring and administration toolkit for Aergo that acts as an orchestration platform to allow multiple blockchains to be installed on, and managed by one or more nodes. It aims to function as a software framework for infrastructure providers who want to participate in the Aergo Hub ecosystem. Network participants use Aergo Horde to operate nodes and make them available to users looking to deploy their own blockchain based on the Aergo Chain.


Aergo’s own unique file system, Aergo File System (AergoFS), seeks to further enhance Aergo’s scalability, especially in regards to scale-out and scale-up IT systems mentioned earlier. AergoFS intends to operate much like a modern day distributed file system. It aims to provide structured and unstructured data storage capability for Aergo Chain. Unlike the Hadoop distributed file system with its chunked data storage, AergoFS is intended to service a very large number of files.