Drawing a Parallel Between Linux and Blockchain

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Linux technology, coupled with advanced enterprise-focused IT services, once changed the landscape of the internet and the way businesses operated servers. It all started with Hello world!This next major technological shift begins with something slightly different.

Hello blockchain world!


To act on my hypothesis, my team and I are building out a blockchain system that not only follows the open-source characteristics that Linux followed; but has a company with perhaps the most blockchain implementation experience in history driving adoption of it, just like Red Hat had with Linux.

Linux’s Success

Linux was open-source end-to-end

Linux’s development was decentralized, yet maintained

Linux took a pragmatic approach to execution

Linux was supported by firms with customer know-how that relentlessly drove adoption of the technology

AERGO’s Approach

AERGO is open-source end-to-end

AERGO follows a decentralized development approach led by BLOCKO

AERGO takes a pragmatic approach to execution

There are many research papers and white papers on blockchain out there. The question is, where are the enterprise customer-focused in-production deployments?

BLOCKO is actively using its customer know-how to drive adoption of AERGO

BLOCKO’s research and development team, Bundang office, Seoul, Korea.

This post is available in Korean here.

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