AERGO x OKEx AMA with Hunyoung Park & Jae Shin AERGO Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer July 2020

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Missed out on our last AMA with OKEx? Here’s a rundown of what happened so you can catch up..

1. What is the advantage of AERGO among others platform? @lethanh77

2. What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token? @BashirianFaye

3. On your 2020 Tech Roadmap, AERGO Hub is next, can you explain what it actually does and how it will bring value to the AERGO Ecosystem? @fellowsheep

4. Can you share more about how AERGO Agora will work and especially the usage of the token for governance purposes? @DaniMura

5. Can you share AERGO vision for decentralized finance (DEFI)? What features are built into AERGO to support DEFI? @vunchi

Part 2 (Open Community Round)

AERGO Agora: AERGO Governance Network (DAO)