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One-year project review, Q1–2019 recap, our 2019 plan, new clients, an expanded BLOCKO-AERGO, a full financial update, updated token metrics, and more! Read it now.

Dear AERGO stakeholders,

Today, I am happy to share that we have released the AERGO Q2–2019 Quarterly Project Update (QPU).

The QPU is a document we release every quarter to summarize our performance in the previous period as well as our plans moving forward. The Q2–2019 QPU goes over how we performed in Q1, then what to expect moving ahead.

With confidence, we can say that the last quarter has been one of the most productive quarters yet for the AERGO project.

From strong success in developing business relations, to great progress in growing out AERGO’s ecosystem, to shipping our production mainnet — now ready for business — we have executed aggressively, with great success.

And we do not plan to stop. Our plan going forward is simple: execute-execute-execute.

The Q2–2019 QPU includes:

  • A full one-year reflection on the AERGO project from myself.
  • A summary of how we performed in Q1 of 2019.
  • A complete overview of our go-forward strategy and key focus areas.
  • More insight into what we are currently doing to onboard clients.
  • A rundown of our new greatly expanded business agreement with BLOCKO.
  • An explanation of the BLOCKO-AERGO sales execution model.
  • A comprehensive financial update going over funding and token metrics.
  • A Q&A section providing detailed answers to questions from stakeholders.

The Q2–2019 QPU is an important document: for our community, our stakeholders, our business partners; anyone involved in the AERGO project in some way, shape, or form. We encourage everyone to read it thoroughly to understand where AERGO is heading moving forward, and why.

→ Read the AERGO Q2–2019 QPU by clicking here ←

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