AERGO 1 Year Mainnet Anniversary

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Can you believe it’s already been a year? Here’s a trip down memory lane and a brief look into what the AERGO team has accomplished so far.


AERGO’s Humble Beginnings

Early Coinstack Sales Graphic, 2015

Though by late 2016, enterprise customers were looking for a fully permissioned blockchain (running on infrastructure of their choosing) supporting smart contracts, much more complex use cases and ideas emerged; so we got to work, and released Coinstack 3.0. With our support for Smart Oracle architecture, virtually any business model built on top of the DLT concept was able to be realized. But not long after, we were hearing a curious demand from customers.

AERGO — The Hybrid Blockchain for Business

Timeline of Technical Achievements

Happy Mainnet Anniversary from AERGO & BLOCKO

AERGO Tech Roadmap Update 2020
AERGO Q4–2019 & Q1–2020 Quarterly Project Update