As this is NOT a generic airdrop or bounty program, we do not have a specific list of tasks that must be carried out to qualify for RewarDrop. Rather than judging quantifiable baseline tests typically carried out in bounty or airdrop campaigns, we simply encourage our community to contribute in a meaningful way for our stakeholders without being too specific.

For example, you could:

  • Engage in and facilitate discussions on our official social media channels or on discussion forums and communities
  • Share and comment on articles that describe the problems of enterprise blockchain adoption and explain how AERGO addresses them
  • Start a thread on a coding forum discussing AERGO’s SQL smart contract engine
  • Produce high quality content that expands and educates the broader community
  • Translate or partially translate content published by AERGO into your local language
  • Express your knowledge and understanding of AERGO in whatever way you best can
  • Make referrals to future community members that deliver exceptional value to AERGO’s stakeholders
  • We invite our community to contribute in whatever way they feel would best benefit our stakeholders. Be bold, and consider AERGO’s long-term vision above all else.



    We will subsequently judge the long-term value added and quality of contribution from each contributor. Our in-house analyst team will review every single application and give careful consideration to each applicant. In order to best impact our ecosystem and truly benefit our stakeholders, we will be selective and pick only the most impactful participants that truly understand what we’re attempting to achieve with AERGO.

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    Contribution ( now to 14 Oct )

    Contribute in a way that benefits AERGO’s key stakeholder groups.

    Submission ( 1 Oct to 14 Oct )

    Fill the form out, link your social media accounts to validate your submissions to us, and receive an additional email confirming your submission. Once you submit your form, you will be able to sign in and edit your form until the deadline on October 14.

    Selection ( 15 Oct to 25 Oct )

    Our analyst team will use our novel vectoring system and select 3,275 participants to reward with AERGO tokens.

    Post-selection and KYC/AML ( 25 Oct to 28 Oct )

    If selected, you will receive (i) a confirmation email from AERGO informing you of your selection, (ii) details of which allocation you are being included in, and (iii) further instructions to complete the KYC/AML process. (iv) This is also where you will be submitting your public Ether address, so make sure you have a secure Ether wallet accommodation established before this date.

    Token Generation Event

    500,000,000 AERGO tokens will be created and distributed according to the token distribution plan. All reward tokens earned will be granted to selected participants by the AERGO organization.