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S Financial Group

  • Development of blockchain-based integrated authentication system
  • The first case in South Korea to apply blockchain throughout the entire company group

Delivery Type :

AERGO Enterprise

System Type :

On Premise


  • Inconvenience in sharing data among subsidiaries of the company and substantial cost paid for sharing and managing data
  • Customers were required to use different web or applications designed by each subsidiary to use various services offered by the subsidiaries. The inconvenient and time-consuming process of going through individual authentication demanded the development of an integrated application for both customer and administrative convenience
  • S Financial Group wanted to fully leverage the blockchain-based authentication, which was first implemented in S Card, one of the subsidiaries of the company


  • A need to use a separate integrated application for when using inter-affiliate services
  • A need for integrated authentication data sharing such as those on service registration, cancellation, and discarding of service data
  • A need to share reliable information on FIDO certificates and integrated authentication subscription information


  • Integrating authentication information from 4 subsidiaries within S Financial Group by deploying a blockchain-based integrated authentication system (Mobile App)
  • Sharing integrated authentication data including user registration, cancellation, and deletion based on smart contracts.
  • Sharing registration histories including FIDO issuance public key registration, inquiring block information for verification and PIN registration


  • Enabled verification of the final status of blockchain for the Integrated ID (ICID) in the integrated authentication system
  • Ensured nonrepudiation and enhanced credibility of integrated authentication management between subsidiaries by sharing authentication information based on blockchain
  • Enable authentication between OAuth SSO and users using PIN code, code & biometric authentication
  • Ensured integrity of certificates by saving biometric authentication-based public key issued by FIDO server on blockchain
  • Taking on the role of Dapp in the authorization server that is capable of registration/inquiry by utilizing smart contract