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L Card

  • Blockchain-based authentication service
  • The first among domestic credit card companies to int roduce a blockchain payment system

Delivery Type :

System Integration

System Type :



  • A goal to acquire the largest market share by adopting new technology and leveraging the brand power, as the credit card company with the fifth largest market share
  • Proceeded to adopt blockchain quickly with expectations that blockchain will bring to drastic changes to financial market
  • Through reviewing the successful implementation results of J Bank, L Card decided to adopt a blockchain payment system with confidence


  • To avoid using multiple accounts according to different ID/PW policies of each service, and to develop an authentication system that can achieve a high level of security and more convenient user experience
  • A need for an architecture that uses TSA (Time Stamping) service at low cost


  • Creating an easy login system and an easy payment system that operates through fingerprint authentication, by developing a blockchain-based biometric authentication solution using AERGO Enterprise OpenKeyChain to replace the current accredited certificate
  • Preventing forgery and reducing the cost of using a certified electronic document archiving electronic system by applying blockchain-based TSA
  • Reducing initial system installation cost by providing cloud-based AERGO Enterprise BaaS(Blockchain as a Service), and developing a customized infrastructure internally once the system is stabilized.


  • Secure, easy login system and easy payment system were made possible without having to use an accredited certificate
  • The first blockchain system to process vast amounts of financial transactions in real-time
  • The first case in the industry to successfully introduce blockchain that is currently used by 9 million users