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H Stock Exchange

  • Introduction of mainframe and software designed for the specialized stock market for startups, managed H Stock Exchange
  • The first case in the domestic stock exchange sector to apply blockchain
  • The first case to offer a document stamping function

Delivery Type :

System Integration

System Type :



  • A need to introduce infrastructure for K** system, a specialized stock market for startups and SMEs, to further promote the startup ecosystem
  • An aim to build an over-the-counter stock trading platform with fairness and convenience
  • An aim to build a platform that can complete over-the-counter stock trading faster, to add vitality to the market
  • The decision of H Stock Exchange to utilize BLOCKO’s technology, with the recommendation from the nation’s top financial security-specialized organization, K Financial Security Institue


  • As substantial cost was already incurred in installing the existing over-the-counter trading system, the new system development had to be more cost-effective
  • The time needed to settle trades had to be reduced from 4 days to less than 2 days, by replacing face-to-face floor trading with electronic trading.
  • The pressure of being the first stock exchange for adopting blockchain


  • Developing blockchain-based easy login and biometric authentication system
  • Developing authentication and document stamping system for stock trading
  • Designing and providing maintenance for mobile application and web
  • Resolving concerns of the client by providing proven technology from BLOCKO’s successful use cases with banks and credit card companies


  • Reduced number of days required to complete over-the-counter stock trading from stock signing to settlement, non-face-to-face, from 4 days to in a single day
  • Easy to track stock quotes including price changes and direction by disclosing price information
  • Possible to identify irregular transactions related to loan transactions and linked transactions by tracking transactions and asset change history
  • Reduced KRW 88 Billion(equivalent to USD 75 million) in the annual system development/management costs