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H Motor Group

  • Establishment of the agreement management system of H Motor Group
  • Development of an electronic document management system for 14 subsidiaries in H Motor Group

Delivery Type :

System Integration

System Type :

On Premise


  • A request for developing a blockchain-based electronic document management system for 14 subsidiaries in H Motor Group after establishing agreement management system of H Motor Company
  • A project to ensure safe data storage and sharing in 14 subsidiaries in H Motor Group including H Motor Company
  • An administrative problem arising from the privileged access rights of the database manager to manage existing database solutions which generally creates a single point of failure
  • Reduced reliability in the existing system due to the absence of verifiable audit trail for changes and updates to files saved in the existing database


  • Developing a solution with data verification and audit trail functions
  • A risk of losing data and system experiencing a temporary halt, due to centralized operating, if the service stops operating (failure in a master node)
  • The difficulty of extending IT system through adding a storage server without bearing the risk of service stopping to operate
  • A need for a substantial amount of management personnel and cost, as the project includes 14 subsidiaries
  • Relatively short period to complete the project, despite the large scale (6 months)


  • Successful functioning as the ‘gatekeeper’ and ‘authenticator’ of files by applying AERGO Enterprise(formerly introduced as COINSTACK)
  • Enabled server expansion for additional storage space without the risk of service stopping to operate, through distributed IT architecture (underline)
  • Preventing data loss in case of system failure by distributing data in networks or nodes
  • Interlocking with the former OZ Report(solution) by establishing a partnership with a professional electronic document solution company


  • Development of a secure distributed file system for H Motor Company and its 14 subsidiaries
  • Improved data sharing efficiency, prevention of security risks and enhanced trust between the subsidiaries
  • Substituted the need for an accredited certificate through enabling the use of blockchain-based authentication for all employees, and ensured non-repudiation through utilizing an electronic signature function
  • Reduced waste caused by using and storing hundreds of thousands of paper each year
  • Substitution of the costs incurred by using certified electronic document depository, by establishing a contract management system through blockchain-based electronic document stamping
  • Increased convenience of contract managers
  • Significant increase in the contract collection rate by converting the process to a web service (above 90%)