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G Provincial Government

  • The first among domestic provincial governments to adopt blockchain
  • The first electronic voting project based on smart contracts

Delivery Type :

System Integration

System Type :

AERGO Enterprise on AWS


  • Though the vote was about projects designed to promote the welfare of residents, restricted voting rights given only to representatives of each community caused doubts about the fairness of the results
  • A need to improve the existing voting process that required much time and cost
  • A need to consider the option of adopting an electronic voting system to enable a broader public to exercise voting rights
  • A need to detect forgeries to ensure fairness in voting processes
  • An aim to gain competitiveness over other regions by adopting the blockchain technology


  • To reduce the time to process the voting results
  • To solve the problems of the existing electronic voting system related to transparency
  • To ensure the transparency of voting results without engaging third-party notary agency
  • To resolve some related parties’ doubts about the technical aspects of blockchain
  • To improve voters’ understanding of the blockchain-based electronic voting


  • Developing an electronic voting system using blockchain
  • Applying smart contracts in the voting system, for the first time in Korea
  • Improving convenience for users and administrators by developing QR code-based digital voting App
  • Developing real-time voting monitoring tool


  • Improved reliability of the voting results as residents were given the voting rights (a total of 8,868 people could participate in offline and online voting)
  • Less resource required for vote counting
  • Reduced time needed for the voting process
  • Guaranteed voting secrecy
  • Facilitated community projects
  • G Provincial Government’s successful development and promotion of a reputation as a province that achieved technological democracy by adopting blockchain electronic voting for the first time in Korea