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Business on AERGO

L Card

  • Development of blockchain-based biometric authentication solution to create an easy login system and an easy payment system.

S Financial Group

  • Development of blockchain-based integrated authentication system for the entire company group.

J Bank

  • “New smart banking”, the blockchain-based easy login system authentication service.

H Stock Exchange

  • Build new mainframe and software designed for the specialized stock market to build an over-the-counter stock trading platform with fairness and convenience.

H motor Group

  • Development of an electronic document management system for 14 subsidiaries in H Motor Group.

G Provincial Government

  • The first smart contract- based e-voting based system for more trustful and less time consuming.

K Agency & K Ministry

  • Development of the blockchain-based comprehensive learning system on real estates (blockchain-based real estate smart contract platform).

J Institute

  • Distributed ledger server system that interworks with embedded/IoT devices.

K Bank

  • Development of the blockchain- based micropayment simulation test.

Company K

  • Development of a prototype for developing a blockchain-based logistics business model.