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About Us

We’re on a mission to create the most practical platform for businesses and developers to build decentralized applications and enterprise-IT solutions.

BLOCKO, a premier South Korea-based enterprise blockchain solutions provider commits over 50 personnel to the buildout of the AERGO platform. Together, we plan to commercialize our technology through new large-scale implementations in IT systems as well as extensions to BLOCKO’s existing in-production blockchain systems.


BLOCKO is a blockchain specialized technology company that has experienced and achieved the largest number of business cases in South Korea. BLOCKO is the strategic technology partner of AERGO.

EZS Trading is a high-frequency algorithmic trading firm that develops and provides sophisticated trading algorithms across all financial markets. The company has built a professional trading system by adopting infrastructure design originated from the U.S. HFT firms over the decades.

E24P is a collective of specialist experts, technologists, business integration framework designers, and architects now working exclusively with select organizations on complex large-scale digital society and digital finance opportunities aimed at unlocking new levels of human potential and reshaping economies.

Leadpoint System is one of the industry leading experts with over a decade of experience in developing customized solutions and platforms for public and private industry sectors.
Leadpoint System specialize in blockchain, big data, business strategy and business model consulting.

Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations.


Early Investors

The AERGO organization raised $30 million in a venture funding round to build a public blockchain platform that incorporates insights BLOCKO has gained from delivering 23 private blockchain products to enterprises, fintech companies, and government bodies since 2014. The funding round included Sequoia Capital China, GBIC, Neo Global Capital, Dekrypt Capital, FBG Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, JRR Crypto, Rockaway Capital, Block Crafters Capital, and more.

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